For this fundraiser for “Ein Herz für Kinder“, Strychnin Gallery Berlin re-teamed with The New English Company, in cooperation with Gallery Geuer & Breckner, UF6 Projects and Italian curator Giovanni Cervi, and gave each participating artist a ceramic heart (of the anatomical variety) to create with/ on. You can check into Strychnin Gallery’s website for more info on the show or see their official blog with a preview of some of the different artists’ hearts. Giovanni Cervi also has hearts from the show periodically posted on his blog, Woodenleg. I’m so excited to see how these all turn out. It was a unique and challenging project and each artist seems to have a completely distinct approach which will make for such an awesome show!

Here is my heart, ‘Her Heart Baroque’:

This charity show will raise money to help feed and care for under-privileged children.

There is more to learn about “Ein Herz für Kinder“ here, on their translated web-page.